The Galp Student League is an Ambassador Programme
for university students who want to regenerate energy on campus
and in their personal and professional lives.


  • Help your colleagues understand who we are and what we do;
  • Promote our career opportunities;
  • Identify opportunities to visit your university;
  • Increase our networking through social media.
  • Curricular enrichment and acquisition of new skills;
  • Chance to do a curricular internship or a Master's dissertation;
  • Personal and professional development;
  • Increased networking with our employees;
  • Visibility and recognition within your community;
  • Chance to participate in events, training sessions and workshops.
  • Good communication skills;
  • Creativity;
  • Good level of English;
  • Knowledge of the University Campus;
  • Alignment with Galp's culture.
  • Applications
  • CV Screening;
  • Pitch with People Management Panel;
  • Selection of Candidates;
  • Onboarding.