​“Galp’s Recruitment Platform”


Galp Group assures compliance with its legal obligations arising from Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council (GDPR) and other applicable legislation related to personal data protection and privacy.


I. Who is the controller of my personal data?

Galp Energia, S.A, with head offices at Rua Tomás da Fonseca, Torre C, 1600-209 in Lisbon, and/or other Galp Group contracting companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “GALP”), are the controllers of your personal data for the purposes described below.

II. To which purposes will my personal data be processed, what is the lawful basis and retention period?

The processing of your personal data has the following purposes, lawful bases and retention periods:

  • Purpose of Processing: Contractual Relationship Management
    • Processing Activity: Website and application management
    • Lawfulness of Processing: Execution of the contract whose terms are governed by the Terms and Conditions made available on the website
    • Retention Period: Up to 12 (twelve) months after the last visit to the website
  • Purpose of Processing: Human Resources
    • ​Processing Activity: Recruitment and selection of workers
    • Lawfulness of Processing: Pre-contractual procedures
    • Retention Period: Up to 5 (five) years after the end of the selection and recruitment process, without prejudice to the retention for a longer period to comply with legal obligations (and for the period determined therein) or, in case of administrative or judicial proceedings, up to 6 (six) months after the end of the final decision   
  • Purpose of Processing: Commercial and marketing activities
    • ​Processing Activity: Sending of email alerts or newsletters 
    • Lawfulness of Processing: Consent
    • Retention Period: Up to 1 (one) year after the last contact

If the legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the consent, you may withdraw it, at any time, without suffering any consequences, but without compromising the lawfulness of the processing activities performed in the meantime. If your consent is withdrawn, GALP will immediately cease processing of your personal data for the purpose in question, unless there is a need to process the data to comply with legal and/or contractual obligations.

III. Which personal data will be processed?

Within the context of the abovementioned purposes, GALP will process the following categories of personal data: identification data (including image and voice), contact data, recruitment data, web browsing data and authentication and access data.

IV. How will my personal data be processed?

Your personal data will be processed by GALP, in the context of the purposes indicated above, in accordance with the Group's internal policies and rules and using appropriate technical and organisational measures to promote their security and confidentiality, particularly in relation to unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and their accidental loss, destruction or damage. Your data may also be further processed for statistical purposes.

Your image and voice data can be used, if you do not oppose, in an unrecorded, revised or edited format, in the Galp Group's press database for informational and non-commercial purposes and in the Galp Group's accounts on social networks.

V. Who are the receivers of my personal data?

Your personal data may be made available to companies hired to provide services to Galp Group companies. These companies (processors), linked to Galp by a written contract, may only process your personal data for the purposes specifically established and are not authorised to process them, directly or indirectly, for any other purpose, for their own benefit or for that of a third party.

Your personal data may also be shared with entities with whom the Galp Group companies establish partnerships under joint controller agreements.

If there is a legitimate interest in sharing intra-group data, your personal data may be transmitted for internal administrative purposes to other Galp Group companies.  

In compliance with legal and/or contractual obligations, your personal data may be transmitted to third parties, for their own purposes, namely to banks and insurance companies, judicial, administrative, supervisory or regulatory authorities, as well as entities that lawfully carry out data collection, fraud prevention and combat actions or statistical studies.

When you choose to follow GALP on social networks, or when you access the website through them, or even to facilitate your navigation on the website, your personal data may be processed by their corresponding managing entities in accordance with their respective privacy policies, which we recommend reading before browsing this website.

GALP may also transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area if this is justified in the context of the performance of a contract or in compliance with a legal obligation, ensuring that the data are only transferred under a decision of adequacy of the European Commission or the standard data protection (or similar) clauses approved by the European Commission.

VI. What rights do I have over my personal data?

As a data subject, you have the right to, when applicable: (i) request access, rectification, restriction, objection, portability and erasure of your personal data; (ii) submit a complaint to the competent oversight authority; and (iii) obtain redress and/or compensation, if you consider that the processing infringes your rights and/or the legislation on matters of personal data protection and privacy.

Click here or go to in order to exercise your rights established in the applicable legislation on matters of personal data and privacy.

Alternatively, you may exercise you rights by sending an email to or a letter by postal mail to GALP’s Data Protection Office at: Rua Tomás da Fonseca, Torre A - 13º piso, 1600-209 Lisboa.

You can also contact the Galp Group Data Protection Officer (DPO) for any questions related to the protection and privacy of your personal data via the email

VII. Information about Cookies

We advise you to read the cookie policy to learn more about the processing of your personal data through this feature.

VIII. Changes to the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The Galp Group may, at any time, change this Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy in conformity with new legal or regulatory requirements or update it, as justified. We recommend regular consultation of this Policy to ensure that you are informed of the most recent version.

Last update: 19 November 2020