The Generation Galp program challenges you to change and prepares you for the challenges in the market.

Over the years, Galp trainee program contributes to the inclusion of high potential young people in Galp culture, while
creating a team with sustained and lasting connections.


Our main objective is the effective link between you and Galp future challenges. All activities are designed to reinforce culture, values and alignment with the Company strategy and objectives, being the continuous feedback a key premise of the program. Therefore it is possible to manage, in a transparent way, your expectations regarding your future inclusion in Galp Group.

In each professional experience, you will be supervised by a tutor, a Company senior employee, who will provide support and facilitate the integration in the team. Under the responsibility of this person is the work plans regarding tasks and expected results guidance as well as your evaluation.

Simultaneously to the professional experiences in the different areas, you will have a specific development program, coordinated by the HR Development area, as well as the possibility to participate in various activities within the Organization.

The evaluation occurs, by both the tutor, based on your performance in the area, and the HR Development area, based on the information collected during the development program activities.

Which opportunities are covered by the Generation Galp program?

The program is widely applicable and covers all Galp business units, as well as our corporate centre.

Industrial & Energy Management
Renewables & New Businesses

To whom is it addressed?

Depending on the identified opportunities, the academic profile of participants in the program varies. This is the portrait of the Generation Galp trainees:

Management/ Economy

Selection Process

The selection process, for the Generation Galp program, comprises five stages, all eliminatory.
If you successfully complete the curricular triage stage, you will have feedback on your continuity in the process,
as well as on its completion.

Throughout this process, in addition to your technical and behavioral skills, professional ambitions
as well as their personal and academic paths are assessed.