The world is changing. And so is the way we power our cars and warm our houses.

Upcoming Energies is the hub within Galp that supports that transition. Both by transforming the culture of innovation within Galp itself and in the support and creation of new solutions in the areas of the energy transition, mobility, digital and circular economy. 

We look at an international scale joining forces with others in the global innovation ecosystem.

It´s our aspiration to work together in an intrapreneurial spirit with open-minded people that motivate and collaborate with others to progress and achieve tangible results that can be economical, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

At our base are human-centred design thinking and lean methodologies in an open, transparent and knowledge-sharing environment.

The need for energy transition is high and the energy space is changing ever faster. To become a leading player in this transition we are looking for people fit for the challenge that are passionate about being part of a legacy for future generations.





The Role 

You eat data-driven experiments for breakfast.  

We need to validate assumptions, opinions, and generic market research analysis into data-driven experiments to de-risk projects and show which projects are worthwhile pursuing, which can be best discarded and which ones should be pivoted. 

Your role is to design and execute experiments by yourself and/or with an agency and internal stakeholder and keep pushing for the fastest possible path to validation without actually building the product. 

You will work in the Upcoming Energies team together with Design Thinkers, UX designers, and Business model designers focus on the validation stage and growth stage of the project. 


What you’ll do 

  • Convert opinion based assumptions into data-driven decisions with a tightly managed methodological approach to validate hypothesis fast; 

  • Be a swiss-knife in terms of validation. You will work with all the types of experiments needed at the discovery phase, validation phase, or growth phase. Both physical and digital experiments; 

  • Design growth strategies from concept to reality, collaborating with developers, marketers, and designers on creative imagery and video, format, channels, content, copy, placement, budget, and tracking; 

  • track record of results using various marketing tools and channels including disciplines of marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, SEA, SEO, facebook-, LinkedIn-, and Google (re)marketing, referral-, influencer-, and affiliate marketing; 

  • Analyse campaign performance, identify trends, and create opportunities for improvement institutionalizing rigorous test-and-learn methodologies to achieve desired results; 

  • Test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition (e.g. online advertising, direct mail, out of home, affiliate) and conversion rate optimization; 

  • Build partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet goals; 


What you’ll need: 

  • Experience in most of the following validation techniques: interviews, wireframes, (paper) prototypes, mockups, search trend analysis, web traffic analysis, mystery guests, sampling, observing, link tracking, 3D prints, explainer videos, landing pages, pinochio tests, wizard of oz, mechanical turk, speed boat, product box, card sorting, fake door, feature stub, discovery surveys, usability tests, clickable prototypes, single feature MVP´s, mash-ups, concierge tests, crowdfunding, split test, multi-variate tests, presales, LOI, pop-up stores/sites, extreme spike programming; 

  • A sixth sense to understand what messages are resonating with particular audiences and modify campaigns based on new learnings; 

  • An outgoing and extravert personality that connects naturally with all kinds of people and a proven leader in the field of Marketing & communications; 

  • The rare mix of creative and analytic thinking, moving easily from a holistic view down to minute detail; 

  • Specialized in profitably scaling traffic via content and distribution channels for innovation projects ready to scale or to drive traffic fast to get significant results on experiments; 

  • Hyper focused and experienced on tracking & measurement in both digital environments (web & app) and physical ones; 

  • Fast-paced and at ease working for multidisciplinary teams and can drive hands-on action with fast results using your swiss toolbox of marketing channels & tools to drive the right message to the right people at the right moment in the right way; 

  • Confident, persistent and persuasive at solving different problems simultaneously in a calm and resolute way managing team members and externals; 

  • An expert Lean startup experiments workshop facilitator that drives alignment across business, engineering and product. 

  • Open-minded, curious, considerate, positive with leadership ability; 

  • Strong communication and relationship building skills; 

  • Knowledge of various marketing channels including Paid Social, Paid and Organic Search, Email Marketing, Referral, Affiliates, and retention marketing; 

  • Knowledge of effectively tracking all marketing efforts; 

  • An entrepreneurial mindset. We’re looking for a self-starter with high operational insights, looking to make a big impact in a quickly growing organization; 

  • Experience working with visual designer, developers, marketeers, and agencies. 

  • Previous working experience as a Marketing Growth Hacker for +3 year(s); 

  • Applicable basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Rest-API´s and jQuery; 

  • Hands-on experience with web analytics and A/B testing tools; 

  • Domain expertise in UI/UX best practices; 

  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills; 

  • High standards of excellence and attention to detail; 

  • Strong presentation skills. 

  • Exceptional verbal and written English communication skills. Preferably proficient in Spanish and/or Portuguese; 



  • Lisbon, Portugal; 

  • Travel requirement up to 10%. 

Deadline for Applications

December, 1st, 2020 




Diversity Commitment

At Galp, we promote equality of opportunity and treatment of people regardless of gender, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation, and race. We believe that equality creates value and strengthens a Group culture.

Ingressei na Galp/Petrogal em 2014 e desde então tenho trabalhado com os ativos de Potiguar offshore. No segundo ano de empresa, também me tornei TCR destes ativos e pude compreender um pouco mais além da área técnica. Têm sido anos de intenso aprendizado, com reuniões, horas em frente a estação de trabalho, acompanhamento de poços e por vezes participação de outros projetos, como avaliação de outros activos, o que me deixa muito feliz em ter a possibilidade de ver novas áreas, geologia diferente e talvez a possibilidade de ajudar a empresa a aumentar seu portfólio com boas oportunidades… Concomitantemente, ao meu crescimento profissional, vivenciei a mudança da presidência da empresa, da sede para o Rio de Janeiro, dos valores e da missão. Foram anos de cursos, muito trabalho, aprendizado e acompanhamento para se adequar a nova forma de trabalho. Dentre os pontos positivos de trabalhar na Galp/Petrogal, destaco o bom tratamento com os colaboradores, sempre humanizado e com a compreensão que em certos momentos da vida são necessários, a parceria entre os colegas, reconhecimento do trabalho executado e sólido portfólio. Ainda sobre a relação com os colegas, posso dizer que na maior parte das vezes é colaborativa, sempre há alguém disposto a te ajudar com uma boa ideia ou sentar ao seu lado para discutir um problema de modo a saná-lo.

Patricia Takayama